I finally quit whining and decided to do something about my old sewing machine that I’ve always ranged from “meh” to extremely frustrated with.

Meet my new Juki DX7!


I will admit that I didn’t really research this machine, but I researched it’s predecessor/sister/whatever the F-600 to death. I’m pretty sure I read every. single. review on the internet for the F-600. There were maybe a handful of negative reviews and everyone else highly recommended it. So when I saw there was a newer version that seemed as though it was pretty similar, I decided to just go for it–I didn’t even test drive it in person. And if you know me, this is pretty much the opposite of how I do anything.

We’re off to a slow start, because it’s a significantly more computerized machine than I’m used to, but I’m impressed with the power this thing has. The first thing I sewed with it is some jeans hems, and it fed through like it was quilting cotton–didn’t even hiccup over the bulky seams! My Pfaff couldn’t do that on it’s best day.

The buttons on it are a bit awkwardly located from what I’m used to, and the stitch selections are also a bit weird (seriously, a smartphone style hard touch screen would be awesome), but thankfully, most of the stitches you’ll use regularly are on the 9-key pad. I’m also trying to get used to the machine wanting me to use the up/down presser foot button after it cuts the thread instead of being able to use the lever just any time I want. It has a lever, but sometimes it doesn’t do anything. It sounds like a tiny thing as I type it, but this is a huge adjustment for me. The thread cutter feature though? That is the. BOMB. Seriously, I love it. I also love the needle threader that works every time! Even when it was new my Pfaff only worked like 25% of the time. And the lights! So much light under this machine, I feel like I’ve been freed from the dark ages!

The one thing that made me hesitate to buy any machine that wasn’t a Pfaff was the lack of IDT (or paying a fortune for that option on other brands), but so far the box feed has been just as good. And, this machine has something that Pfaff doesn’t offer on a similarly priced machine–presser foot pressure adjustments. If you’ve never had this feature, you may not realize how much better this makes your sewing experience, but trust me, it really should be a standard feature on every machine at every price point. Period.

So far I like it, even though I’m still working my way through the niggles. I’ll try to remember to do an update after I’ve had it a while and share how I feel about it by then. I certainly wouldn’t turn anyone away from it, especially if they are used to a more heavily computerized machine already. If you are coming from a low tech or mechanical machine, the curve might be steep.


2 thoughts on “Upgraded!

  1. A new machine is always such an adjustment! Especially one with crazy buttons. 😂 I love the automatic thread cutter on my newish machine, too—but I think a button for the presser foot lift would be so weird! That’s awesome that it was so happy hemming the jeans though. And I agree, sewing without a presser foot pressure control is torture! 😂

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  2. Wonderful that you have a shiny new machine and in time fro Christmas too. Learning to use the features on a new machine is certainly a process and then suddenly you realise that it’s use has become second nature and you wonder when the transition happened!

    Happy New Year and merry festive season to you 🙂


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