Old House: Pop of Color

I love the colors I have in my home, and I would reuse any and all of them again in a different house. In fact, there may be some repeat in the near future. 😉

Exterior colors:

  • Tempe Teal (Do It Best) this is the color for the endcaps and exterior of the doors on our first ever home.
  • Blue Haze (Do It Best) I hated this color for the trim. I don’t like how it looked with the teal or with our ugly brick. Never again!

Interior room colors:

  • We painted our bedroom a beautiful grassy green, sadly, I only know that it came from Lowe’s like 6 years ago. Hopefully, I can find it again because I seriously want my new bedroom to be the same color with some white trim, although it was the perfect shade to compliment with lighter wood trim too.
  • Winter Storm (Ace Hardware). This is the color for the basement bath walls. You can see it here.
  • Fairhaven Gray (Do It Best) is the color of two of the walls for the sewing room as seen here.
  • Headline Blues (Do It Best) is the color on the remaining two walls of the sewing room as seen here.
  • Timeless (Ace Hardware) is what we used on the walls of the main bath. See it here.

Cabinets and Furniture:

  • Arabian Nights (Ace Hardware). We painted the cabinets in the main bath this color, check it out here.
  • Hematite (American Tradition). This is the color for my son’s bedroom furniture and it is oddly similar to the color of the main bath cabinets, see it in action here, because apparently we really like it.
  • Ming Vase (Ace Hardware). This is the color of the countertop in the basement bath that I did here.


  • Warm Buff (Do It Best). This is the color we used for the interior of the front and back doors. It’s just a pale cream color that doesn’t photograph very well, but you can sort of see it here.

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