Metamorphosis in G (A House Chronicle)

You may not know this, but our house *is* “the projects”. As in, there are a lot of projects that need to happen. When we bought it four years ago, it was the shittiest looking house on our street–it had some stiff competition, but it won the title. It had it all. Pretty much the only reason we bought it was because pickings were slim and we were desperate–not so desperate we’d consider settling for somewhere with an HOA, mind you–but pretty desperate.

Anyway, in that time we’ve done A LOT of work–especially on the exterior. Mostly ourselves, but we did hire a guy who is a retired contractor/ farmer + customer of ours to assist with the siding and a couple of the windows. It was weird to relinquish that much of a project to someone after being so determinedly DIY, but I’m amazed at how fast he got things done compared to the time it would take us. Plus, he let us help, so we still picked up some tricks for a future project.

Is it done? Nope. But I wanted to chronicle the metamorphosis from ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly (or at least interesting looking moth.) Periodically I plan to do update posts, mostly for our own amusement. It’s fun (or maybe just crazy) to look back at how bad some of the stuff was and how much we’ve improved it over time. I’m torn between enjoying the process of making something better with my own two hands and hoping this is our last fixer upper. Maybe our next house will be one we design and build from scratch…

Anyway, if you are interested, follow along, it’s sure to be…unique. 😉