Things that tick me off Thursday…again!

Ack! I get really annoyed when quality control fails to do its job. Wouldn’t that just save everyone a headache? Or do they think we won’t notice that the paint is all scratched up and that the miters in one corner of the door are welded crooked by almost a 1/16th of an inch (which leaves bare metal exposed to rust)?! This was a rather expensive SCREEN DOOR for Pete’s sake! Thankfully, it appears that they are going to work with us on getting it replaced, but still, it should never have left the factory to begin with! It definitely will make me think twice before ordering from this company–not because they don’t stand behind their product–but because I shouldn’t have to deal with the hassle in the first place!

So, our adventures in home improvement came to a grinding, screeching, teenager-with-a-stick-shift, halt. After that we just decided that home improvement wasn’t high on the priority list for the day. So hubby and the kiddo sprayed weeds and I got some stuff ready for supper (and made a banana bread recipe that I fear will be a FAIL). My banana bread sure smells good though, and I have to say that they’re the most beautiful pair of loaves I’ve ever seen, so I could still be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

*********Edited to add: The banana bread is delicious! Even without the nuts! 🙂

Pictures of the Door!

As promised, I’m posting the pictures of the door. First though, there’ll be some stats:

    1. Brand: Jeld-Wen
    2. Material: Steel
    3. Style: 1/2 Light with raise/lower/tilt enclosed blinds.
    4. Color: Exterior–Sherwin Williams “Tempe Teal”
    Interior–Sherwin Williams “Warm Buff”
    5. Hardware: Kwikset in Rustic Pewter
    6. Interior Trim: “Colonial Maple” stained Maple
    7. Caulk Type: Solar Seal–White

We’re still trying to figure out a color for the exterior trim on the entire house. Right now I’m looking at two “aqua” colors to really pull out the green in my teal doors, but haven’t decided which one for sure yet. 🙂 Maybe by tomorrow or Friday we’ll have something figured out.

So now that the boring stuff is covered, on to something slightly less boring–PICTURES!! 😛

You probably would have trouble believing it, but yes, that nasty looking hollow core door was the only thing protecting us from the elements…there was an equally nasty one on the front which we also replaced.

Oooooh! *Not* Sexy!

Oooooh! *Not* Sexy!

Here’s the inside view of the new door…this picture really washed out, it’s more of a cream color IRL.

Aint it perdy?

Ain't it perdy?

Here’s the hardware–it’s the same inside and out, and also the same as the INSIDE of the front door. Which if I were smarter, I’d have thought about the ramifications of having that type of door handle with a toddler….don’t make the same mistake I did, or your child will be constantly in the backyard playing in the sandbox too!

Door Hardware

And since I’m wrapping up the door posts, here’s some pics of the front door. It’s also a Jeld-Wen steel door. I think the glass style is called “Madrid”, but I’m not positive.

Front Door Glass

Anyway, I just thought that my door choices were WAY better than what we took out. 🙂

Technical Difficulties

I’ve had some trouble getting my pictures to upload, so I haven’t updated on my projects lately. I’m hoping that by this afternoon I get them up and running. 🙂

Back Door Part 1

We’ve installed our back door! We worked really hard on it today, and got it in, installed the hardware, cut/stained the interior trim, and caulked the bottom side of the door before dark. Tomorrow I’ll have to clear coat the interior trim and pick up some more brick moulding (we were about 1″ too short) then we’ll be able to tack those up and be done with it. *sigh* I’m so glad to have that project off the table (and out of the garage!) 🙂

Only real disappointment today was that the trim color isn’t exactly what I had hoped…it’s sadly more blue than teal, and it doesn’t quite go with the doors. So I guess tomorrow when I’m picking up the brick moulding, I’ll have to be sure to stop in and see about re-tinting my paint, or replacing it entirely. 😦 However, I’m so pleased with the appearance of my beautiful new back door that the paint thing isn’t really getting me down too much. And I’m also thrilled that the color choice for the interior of the back door is perfect–it’s EXACTLY what I had in mind. 🙂