Belated birthday sewing

My husband’s birthday is at the end of November. It has been on the same day as long as I’ve known him ;-), but for some reason, this year I struggled to get my gift for him done in time. As in, nothing would go right…it was as though I’d forgotten how to sew. SMH.

  • I sliced into the front bodice (is it still called that for men?) trying to fix a button band and had to recut it.
  • Any pieces that could have been sewn on backwards, upside-down, or wrong side out, I did it.
  • Nearly cut too far snipping the corners off pretty much every single collar point/cuff.
  • My cuffs still don’t look sharp and pretty as I’d like.
  • I interfaced the button bands with too stiff of interfacing so had to recut them.
  • My hems still weren’t level, even after adding length to the pattern pieces–which I still don’t understand, since I compared the side seams of the pattern pieces and they matched after my adjustments. You sure couldn’t tell it by the finished seams though. Hmph!
  • There wasn’t a package of bias tape to be found that came anywhere close to the grey-green striped fabric–in fact, notions for that fabric were nearly impossible all around.

All I can say is thank goodness past me (because these fabrics were both in my stash for the last 4+ years) bought the full yardage recommended by the pattern! I wouldn’t have needed but about 2/3 as much, but all my goofs meant that the extra came in very handy! I guess the other thing that turned out really well was the sleeve plackets and my topstitching–both of those things are gorgeous on both shirts. Neither of them are something that anyone but me (and you–since you’ll get close-ups) will notice, but at least something turned out right! And all of this trouble on a TNT! I’ve made this pattern at least 6 or 8 times before!

I only included ^ one because it shows the blue shirt in progress in the back–proof! 😛 (Trust me, it’ll make sense in a moment.)

So here are the pictures of the finished shirts, all ready to be worn by my wonderful husband:



OK, so this picture is actually from this post, but it’s the exact same pattern, fabric, and size. So I’m cheating by not retaking the pictures. Call me lazy if you’d like. 😉


In the end, I’m glad I did these. Hubby’s closet was getting rather shabby–all those clothes he’s been wearing since 8th grade (Grrr! I wish I could still wear stuff from that long ago!) are finally starting to wear out, and all at once too! If I had more time, I’d probably replace a few more in his wardrobe, but the money is the same whether I make ’em or buy ’em, and I’m a selfish seamstress at heart. 😉

Hubby’s Christmas Present Update

I did manage to get this finished in time, he even wore it for Christmas Eve! 🙂 He looks pretty studly in yellow, so it’s a win. The only part I don’t like is that the fabric wrinkles like a bitch in the wash. 😦 Which is part of why it took so long to get pictures. I wasn’t too quick to get it ironed up. 😳 I even learned something new while making this, well, a few things actually.

  • If you use a stiffer interfacing it’s IMPERATIVE that you clip the corners off of the collar interfacing before you iron it on or your collar points will be absolutely hideous.
  • Probably would be a good idea to clip the bottom corners of the stand interfacing off too.
  • My machine will start to stitch backwards at inopportune moments if it has a wad of lint in it…I think I resewed the collar topstitching about 4 times because the points of the collar kept making my machine stitch backwards at the turn. 😡
  • Square cuff plackets are easy to do, but they’re not nearly as pretty as their pointed counterparts.

Anyway, here it is:

Doesn't fit my dressform very well, LOL!

See? Not as pretty as the pointed ones.


Someday I'll get brave enough to cut the yoke stripes the other way.

Even though it’s not perfect, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It looks good on him, and fits him nicely, so I think it’ll get a fair amount of wear. Maybe not as much as it would if it were blue, but there’s only so many blue shirts a guy can have in his closet. 😉 I still can’t believe it went from uncut to finished in like 2 days. That’s really fast for me.

Vogue 8670 again

Today I made another version of Vogue 8670, this time in a purple-y animal print. I really love this fabric, and after wearing my grey version the other day, I thought I’d really like to have another version of this particular shirt. I did the neckline exactly the same way, because I liked it so much on the first one, though now that it’s finished I kind of wish on this one I’d have used a bigger collar instead. Oh well. And for the record? I’m still not sure why this pattern gets no respect. I think it is probably on it’s way to TNT status for me.

Are you grumbling about a lack of picture? Well, no worries, I’m already on top of that. 😉

I don’t actually know what’s up next. I’m thinking I’d like to make up some lingerie for myself, but there’s also this pesky gift-exchanging holiday coming up where you have to give stuff to other people, and I suppose I’ll probably make a couple of things for that as well. Not too many though, since I’ve discovered that I’m a bit thin-skinned about how people accept the stuff I put a lot of work into. 😳 I thought I had an idea for my SIL (a nightie, since she lives in the dorms), but my MIL suggests that perhaps Burda’s 11/2009 #134 may not be modest enough. So, I’m not sure what to do on that front.