Almost finished!

I spent some time this weekend on my Jalie 2908 jeans that I mentioned the other day. They are almost finished, belt-loops, waistband, and hemming are all that’s left. Ha ha! (Yes, I’m well aware that there’s also a fair amount of topstitching to do that will consume some time, even though it’s not really hard to do.)

Here’s some unmodeled pictures of my progress.

They look like jeans, so I guess that means it’s a success, right? 😛


I’ve had all the pieces for Jalie 2908 cut out for a few days now–I’ve even basted them together once–but I only serged the edged of them yesterday. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on them this evening, but I decided to tackle the pockets, since that’s one of the first things you do anyway.

Since I didn’t really want to do the generic, even for this pair (which will probably end up in the “work jeans” pile since the denim is less than desirable) I decided to try something different. So I stuck my pocket piece in the scanner bed, scanned and saved it and thought I’d use Paint to work on it. Wrong. It was way too big with no way to zoom out without changing the size of the image. This is where Gimp came in. I downloaded it, opened my file, and about 10 minutes later, I had this:

Nothing fancy, but serviceable and simple. I printed it off (thankfully it maintained it’s size when it printed!) and used the image to trace the design with the little tracing wheel. Here’s what it looks like stitched out:

I’m not in love with my not-so-great topstitching skills on the “B”, but it may be cut off by the seam allowances and I’ll have to rip it out anyway, which won’t hurt my feelings. *Sniff, sniff* Or at least not too much. 😛 (Note to self: press seam allowances under before scanning next time!) That pocket is the right pocket (if you were to be looking at my butt), and the left is a mirror image without the “B”.

BTW, I totally love the scanning idea to make a template (I’m so glad I’m such a freakin’ genius! ;-)) but be aware that it takes forever to upload to your web album. I’m going to see if there’s a way to change that next time, but if you just use the defaults it’s super slow.


I worked on Jalie 2908 today since it was so windy that being outside didn’t seem to be much fun. Here’s some pictures of my progress.

This was my original pocket detail. However, the knots ended up being on the top instead of the bottom, and I couldn’t get them to go to the back. Some of them didn’t tie off either, so it looked kind of bad. I ripped it all out and opted to not have anything on the pockets for this pair.

Here’s after I attached the back pockets. Ignore the chalk marks on the pockets. 😉

Yay! Perfectly matched topstitching!