They let me guest post…!?!

Over at the Sewcialists blog I posted about a few of the bloggers that inspire me in preparation for August’s Tribute Month. If you aren’t already following them, go check it out!


T-shirts, blouses, and jackets

Last weekend, I whipped up KS2900, which is basically a t-shirt with a couple of neckline variations. I made the v-neck (of course), and while it’s not the most earth-shattering project ever, I really like the end result. Well, except for the fact that the sleeves are kind of baggy–and coming from me with the extra large biceps–that’s quite a feat. I left it alone on this one, but plan to slim those up on the next versions. And I just wanted to point out that this one is NOT made with any variation of blue or green fabric. Hopefully, mom will be proud. 😉

I really love this fabric, which is a poly/rayon blend from It doesn’t really have enough stretch, but I was determined, so I made it work. I even have enough left over for a couple of bras/panties, yay! Hubby loves it, but then, I suspect that as long as it didn’t have holes or bleached spots (like some of my other t-shirts do), he’d be OK with me wearing a burlap bag. 😛

Currently, I’m working on View D of Vogue 8251. We’ll see how I like it once it’s finished. It should work OK for wearing under jackets and such, which brings me to my next bit of news.

I’m going to be joining the gainfully employed very soon. As a bookkeeper. This is a type of job that I’ve never held before, as my employment experience has been limited to waitressing and manual labor type jobs before becoming a stay at home wife/mom. My degree is in accounting though, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. It’s only temporary for now, with the option to stay on if I like it. I’m kind of excited, because while most of it can be done from home, there will be some meeting with people, and so I need a couple of suits. I’ve been looking around for patterns (since I don’t have but a couple of appropriate suit jackets and I’m not sure about either of them.) There are a lot of options out there that I like, which makes it all that much harder. However, I’m leaning towards making a Kwik Sew jacket or two at first because I’ve never made one before and want something that won’t overwhelm me or take an eternity to make.

These are some that I thought might be good choices.

Kwik Sew:

I really like this one too, but don’t know that it’s exactly what I should make up for this type of situation. I might bring it home though, because the cropped jacket looks too cute.


I adore this ensemble, but since I’m not nearly as flat chested as the model I’m concerned that mine would end up looking a little less professional and a bit more like the opening scene of a dirty movie….*sultry voice* “Hey big boy, I think I could use some help in the copy room…”

This one isn’t a jacket, but still very nice, especially with a pretty cami or something underneath. It’s sort of like a mullet-dress. 😉

Ugh, ignore the hideous pants in this one and pretend that you only see the jacket, which I think is kind of nice.

So yeah, I don’t know, Vogue tends to make their patterns have more pieces/sewing steps than is truly necessary, so I suspect that I’d probably wait until I was a bit more skilled before attempting any of those. And the KS options look like they would be just fine for what I need. The hard part is choosing which one (or two) to purchase. 😯