Things that tick me off Thursday

(This was supposed to go out yesterday, sorry about that!)
Why is it that when you aren’t shopping for something, it’s everywhere? And then as soon as you decide you are ready to shop for said item you can’t find anything suitable at all? So far this year, I’ve struggled to find:

  • a hoodie for Halloween (but they’re everywhere now!) 🙄
  • a boys’ dress shirt (still working on this actually–perhaps boys are meant to be naked and shoeless until they hit their teens?) 😡 🙄
  • a bolero(?)/shawl/shoulder-warmer-thingy

This post was actually inspired by the last. I went through tons of mall stores today looking for the perfect thing to go with my new dress that I’m finally going to get to wear Saturday (no worries, I’ll get pics!) but just couldn’t find anything that I thought would work. Well……..that’s not entirely true. There was one that I found at Dillard’s, it was perfect, gorgeous, fit like a dream, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand was ridiculously overpriced. Actually, I found two at Dillard’s, but I didn’t even try the one that was $125 on….no sense in putting myself through the disappointment. I wouldn’t have tried the first one on either if I had been in my right mind and looked at the price tag first. Lesson learned. Maybe I should just stop going into that store….I’m always finding stuff I want in there, and then being disappointed when my debit card starts sniveling. And there is little worse than a sniveling debit card.

So anyway, I found one at Kohl’s that I thought might work, so I bought it so that I could try it with the dress. It’s awful. It isn’t even stylish enough for my grandmother–well, OK, maybe my maternal grandmother, but I don’t even think she would wear it. Plus, I went to all that trouble to make all those darts and tucks, and this thing covered up all my hard work. So, I imagine I’ll be suffering a bit for fashion…..but at least I’m going to look damn good while I’m at it. 😉 Besides, shivering burns calories, right? 😉