Seasonal Affective Disorder. Do you get it? Before this year, I’d have said no, but this year was different. Our winter was brutal, and while I’m used to our winters being cold and miserable, this year was just worse–colder, windier, drier…even if the sun was out it was almost an angry sun, not a comforting one. I’m not usually a “talk about my mood/feelings kind of person”, so obviously I didn’t get any official diagnosis, but I’m pretty sure that I had SAD. I think/hope it’s starting to go away now, but I can’t wait until it starts to warm up again. I don’t even care if it’s sunny, in fact I’d prefer if it was rainy (we need rain so bad!!), I am just tired of cold and wind.

Anyone else get SAD over the winter? How do you deal with it? All I know is that I never want to be this tired, angry, sad, miserable, and unmotived to do anything or interact with anyone ever again.

Things that tick me off Thursday–ish

It’s close enough, right?

We’ve been sick here, which if you read the last post, you are unsurprised by this announcement. So anyway, I called the dr. this morning, bright and early, in an effort to beat the rush. I got the voice message system and left a message. An hour went by; no one called me back. I tried again, got the voice message system; hung up–why bog down their service with the same message over and over, right? Two hours go by; no one has called. So, I decided to take the initiative and call again, because I desperately need an appointment FOR tomorrow (at the latest), which does me little to no good if it takes til tomorrow to get a call back to set up the appointment, no?

Anyway, on the third ring, the appointment desk answers.

Me: Is Dr. ______ available to see me tomorrow, something weird is going on and I need to see someone as soon as possible.
Receptionist: The Dr. is out all week.
Me: Well, I’m not picky, what about the P.A.?
Receptionist: The PA isn’t available either.
Me:…………….(thinking to myself: WHAT?!?!)
Receptionist: We can fit you in two weeks from now, would you like to do that?
Me: No, it would be too late by then.
Receptionist: Hmmm. Would you like to leave a message for the nurse?

So, I leave a message for the nurse explaining the symptoms I have, leaving my number for her to call me back. 30 minutes later, I get a call back and she says “we need to see you tomorrow! You can choose from these times __________, but we need to see you as soon as possible.”

Now I ask…why do they tell me no appointments are available when they can obviously squeeze me in after I tell them what the problem is? Don’t lie to me people! 😡 Not cool. 😡 Just ask me the problem from the start, so that no one’s time is wasted on this stupid runaround game!

I do want to say though, the staff at my clinic is always exceedingly polite, so I’m not annoyed with them on a personal level, just annoyed with their policies or whatever that has them doing this.

It’s that time of year again…

We’re sick. 😦 My hubby has the flu, I have a horrible cold, and the young’un is getting more and more cold symptoms by the second. 😦 Man, I hate winter!!!