Interfacing window treatments

I’m so going to do it. Gigi had been talking about window treatments for her newly remodeled bathroom and it reminded me that we still have these horrible miniblinds on the HUGE picture window. When we replaced it late last year, we had intended to replace the miniblinds and the curtains with roman shades or something, but after looking for something in our budget, (which didn’t exist, ha ha) we decided to just tough it out until we’d gotten the money together to buy something nice.

Anyway, in response to Gigi’s post, a comment was posted about using interfacing. The lady had promised to post pictures of it on her blog, and you can see that post here. I’m so going to do it–maybe not on the picture window….well, maybe on the picture window…we’ll see. I love how it lets in the light without everyone being able to see your business. Apparently it has some “staying power” as well. Can’t beat that!

Big window in!

Woot-woot!! We have finally achieved window success!! Our big window is now happily in its new home in our front room. We must be such losers, because we’ve been admiring it since we got it in yesterday. It just looks so…..nice. Of course, there was a fair amount of work that went into getting that big sucker in there, but we didn’t have any major drama this time around.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but the new window is all one unit, not 3 separate units like what was there before. We used to have a big picture window with two small double-hungs (one on each side), and we replaced it with a large unit that has a sliding window on each side–it’s 95″ long, so it was one inch shy of the maximum window size…

We had to do more nailfin demolition on this one, but after being in practice, it wasn’t much of a chore, and the reciprocating saw made things so much easier than trying to saw it by hand or something. We did discover that our big window was actually for a stick built house, not a brick house as we had originally ordered, but we made it work without any major issues; basically it just has an extra little flange next to the nailfin on the bottom edge that we cut off along with the nailfin.

Lessons learned from this project:
1. Plan to wait a long time for your windows to arrive.
2. Plan for errors–some of them fairly major.
3. Brush up on your patience.
4. Have help lined up in advance.
5. Don’t wait until October to put in a window that is bigger than your front door.
6. The right tools for the job are essential.
7. Did I mention not waiting until October to take on a window that is bigger than a front door?
8. Remember that you’re likely to have at least one window that isn’t what you ordered.

So, with that, the window project is completed!! Woot-woot!! 😀

Home Improvement Drama

You know how it just wouldn’t be a home improvement project if there wasn’t some drama involved? Well, I guess we’ve a home improvement project! *eye rolls* There were like 5 windows that the previous owners didn’t replace, the big picture window in the living room, the bathroom window, and the laundry room window. When we were scraping to do some repainting, we discovered that the big picture window was in pretty sad shape, so we decided to replace it. You might remember from a while back that I had gotten it priced so that we could actually replace all of those windows for the same price as it would have cost to get the local guy to order just the picture window (and the two tiny windows on each side). Well, we had ordered those windows and gotten them the other day, and were super pumped to get them installed…..until we looked a bit closer. It turns out, that the replacement windows I had purchased (and waited three and a half weeks to get) had a nailfin that wouldn’t work with our current setup.

Blasted nailfin!

Blasted nailfin!

So, we contemplated taking them back, but ultimately decided that with a bit of retro-fitting, we could potentially get them to work if we cut the nail fin off. Enter the DeWalt version of the Sawzall…we broke that baby out to slice the nailfin off before carefully filing the plastic ridge down smooth. Man I love that thing–no homeowner should be without one. 🙂

Cutting the nailfin

Hubs cutting the nailfin

Nailfin carnage!

Nailfin carnage!

Enter problem numero dos. The window frame that the replacements fit into has a slant going downhill, presumably to drain water….which, if you haven’t already guessed, won’t work with the replacement windows.

Can you see the slant?

Can you see the slant?

So, after calculating (very carefully) we determined the perfect angle at which we would have to cut a 2×4 to make it sit level (which, was NOT 17* as suggested by someone as a “common rule of thumb”) and so we cut that board a couple of times to get just the right fit.

Whew! No slant!

Whew! No slant!

So now, we’ve got the bathroom and laundry room windows in. I’ve still got to stain the trim boards for the one in the laundry room, and I’m waiting for the stain to dry so that I can put some poly on the ones for the bathroom after hubs gets the window foamed, but the hard part is over! Yay!

As yet, the big picture window isn’t going to happen, because we don’t have a method of transporting it from the store to our house, nor do we have enough help to get that heavy sucker in/out of the frame. Hopefully, by this weekend we’ll have some family come up to help, but we’re taking this one window at a time.

BTW, our new windows are fabulous! We got the obscured glass for the bathroom (which I highly recommend) like what was in there before, and it’s nice and quiet, keeps the cold out, doesn’t get a lot of condensation (except when someone is showering!), and just looks a lot nicer. 🙂 I’d take a picture, but honestly, my bathroom is too much of a mess to show off to anyone for any reason…sorry! 😉