Sewing Room Facelift, the Finale

I’ll confess that I handled Tuesday’s painting disaster rather poorly. I swore (a lot), pouted, sulked, and then set to scheming. My in-laws call me “the beamer”, because I always seem to come up with absolutely brilliant ideas on how to do things better or just fix stuff in general. (Yes, really!)

Anyway, so I had this idea (just over a year ago) about making my bedroom walls a rich emerald green with a very fine coating of gray over it in splotches to look like fog, which in my imagination looked absolutely fabulous, but with my lack of skills in reality? Not so much. But, I had purchased an entire gallon of light grey paint, and had been storing it ever since–because what else do you do with a partially used gallon of paint? So, I went all “modernistic” and painted the two sheetrocked walls of my sewing room in light grey and left the two concrete ones in the blue color (which looks significantly better on the concrete walls now that it’s completely dry). I actually really like it. It gives the room some color without sucking all the light out of it. The pictures don’t really show up as the right shade of blue on my camera, (keeps getting washed out) so there’s little chance it will show up on your screen like it does in real life.

When it was all blue

This corner stayed the same

Newly grey

Newly grey 2

I’m glad it’s finished, I stayed up fairly late last night working on it, so that I could start moving stuff back in today. I’m ready to be able to walk around down there again! If you are interested in the colors used anywhere in my house, remember to check out the house projects tab at the top of the page. I’ve listed the names and their corresponding projects there. 🙂 It’s more for my reference, but if it helps you, that’s awesome too. 🙂

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