Shopping Inspiration

Yesterday I went in to Dillard’s and spotted this dress. It’s a Calvin Klein, size 12 (OMG!!), and I think it fits fairly well, considering my serious body flaws. Warning! Unflattering, crappy cellphone picture!

Too rich for my blood

This dress wasn’t a great shade of red for me. Too orange-y I think. I do better with the blue-ish (or is it purplish?) reds. Regardless, I think it makes me look like I have at least the slightest illusion of a waist, even though I really don’t. I’ve been dying to make a dress like this using Butterick 5559, but wasn’t sure if the style would work or not, and didn’t want to go through the effort only to find that it didn’t suit my figure at all.

Another cute option would be this one: Butterick 5676, which the fabulous Karin made over at SewHereWeGoAgain. Gorgeous, right? I think fabric choice would seriously impact the “dressy” factor of this dress, so I would have to choose carefully to suit the occasion.

I also got quite a haul from yesterday too. Unfortunately, I have a dilemma. The first one is that I got a “freebie”. There’s a half yard of a pretty stretch lace that I didn’t pay for, I should probably send it back. The second is that I ordered the purple colorway of one of my fabrics and got the redย  colorway instead. I mean, it’s pretty, and I’d be happy to use it, but I think I’d rather the purple…unfortunately, there’s not much left since it’s on clearance. Hopefully I can catch it in time.

Anyway, my fingers are tired of typing, so I’m calling it quits for now. Hope ya’ll have a lovely weekend!

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