Addictively delicious!

Yesterday, I made the most fantastic, awesome, delicious, amazing, addictive sloppy joes ever. If you like sloppy joes (or even if you generally don’t), you have to give this recipe a try–especially if you have some of those sweet-ish buns to serve them on. (Mine were grocery store bakery ones they call “sweet Italian”, but I think they are very similar to the King’s Hawaiian type buns.) Add a slice of colby jack cheese (or maybe even cheddar) to the buns (which MUST be toasted–this is non-negotiable!!!) and you’ll be set. Seriously.

Also, if you are in a hurry, just turn the heat up to medium high and stir it more often until it thickens. Using hamburger that I had previously cooked, it probably took about 15 minutes from when I pulled the burger out of the fridge until we were eating. (And I totally recommend browning up a bunch of hamburger and storing it in the freezer/fridge for those days when every minute counts. I just season mine with a touch of salt–in case you are making something with a fair amount of salt in it later–and some cayenne pepper. The cayenne just seems to have a better flavor than black pepper after being frozen, I don’t know why.)

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