Hot Patterns Retro Playsuit

In honor of our “anniversary trip” in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d sew up something cute and sexy. I’ve had this fabric from Hancock’s (why I remember that, I have no idea–it would have been much more useful to remember…I dunno…what it’s content is?!) since I started sewing again (however long ago that was by now). I always kind of figured it was polyester chiffon, with a velvet burnout, but after sewing with it, I’d say it’s better quality than that. Not that it was super easy to sew with mind you, just not as bad as any other polyester chiffon I’ve ever worked with–which are, admittedly, few. Do they make a rayon chiffon? It can’t be silk, not from our Hancock’s.

This stuff is so, so pretty IMO.

This stuff is so, so pretty IMO.

Anyway, I’ve loved the idea of the Hot Patterns Retro Playsuit for a long time (you can get your free copy here), but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Isn't this so cute?!

Isn’t this so cute?!

I decided that since technically, this orangey-pink isn’t really my best color, I wouldn’t be devastated if it didn’t work out, so I just jumped in, cutting out the size 14. I chose that size based on the envelope for a completely different HP pattern, which may or may not have been the same size chart they used for this particular pattern. I should have had plenty of room (even bordering on a smidge too big) based on the size chart from their Metropolitan Urbanista Coat Dress (OOP), but I actually ended up with something that was too small. Namely, it was too short lengthwise, which is something that has NEVER happened to me before! I’m 5’2″, with (proportionally) long legs–most 9 year olds probably have longer torsos than me! In fact, the thought of it being too short never even crossed my mind–to tight/loose, absolutely…too short?! Nope. Now, I will admit that it was snugger than I’d hoped, so it probably wasn’t going to work anyway, but when you can’t cover your nips and still snap the crotch, you’ve got a problem. Maybe I have more “junk” in my trunk than Hot Patterns expected? I don’t know. It did seem like the butt was where everything went south…

A few notes on the pattern itself.

  1. It *may* just be that my printer was being a brat that day, but the pages didn’t come anywhere close to matching during assembly, so be prepared to do some “fudging”.
  2. This pattern is definitely beginner level, and has the potential for use of those fun trims you can’t quite muster up the courage to use anywhere else but still love.
  3. Once cut out, the pattern pieces themselves match up perfectly–so obviously my fudging worked out.
  4. I don’t know why anyone would want to fiddle around with teeny buttons “down there”, so I opted to use snaps. I used size 14, and squeezed in 4 of them–I’d go with 3 next time, but it would depend on the width of your trim (I just folded over my serged edges 2x) and what looks/feels right to you.

So here’s the beautiful fail with the straps pinned on. I didnt have the heart to sew them on yet. Seems silly to if no one is short enough to wear it.

Playsuit Front

Even my (petite) dressform has camel toe…

Playsuit Back

3 thoughts on “Hot Patterns Retro Playsuit

  1. Oh poop! And the fabric is pretty – did you do a burn test to see if you could figure out what its made of in the end?! Heh that’s the pyro in me coming out right?!

    I hope your ‘anniversary trip’ was good?


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