Things that tick me off Thursday

Another Thursday, another peeve. Today I’m bitching about the post office. Not the people at our tiny local office–they’re fantastic–but the postal system in general. These are probably pretty universal, so even if you don’t deal with the US postal service, you can probably relate by inserting your local variation here.

  • What part of DO NOT BEND is so hard to understand? Does it need to be in French? (I got an envelope from Canada that said it in French and English and it was actually heeded–but several in English only have been bent all to hell).
  • Why such a long lunch break? What if lunch is the only time I have to get my package mailed? What is so wrong with doing a lunch rotation like everyone else does? Does the post office think they’re employees are speshul?
  • And why does it close so early? If I had an 8-5 job, I have no idea how I’d ever utilize the postal system, since they are closed during lunch AND THEY GO HOME EARLY!! What?! Maybe it’s different at the larger hubs in bigger cities, but I’ve never lived in one of those.
  • Oh wait. I suppose if I worked I could try to squeeze it in during the couple of hours they’re open on Saturday with everyone else. I’d just have to hope that my spot in line reached the counter before closing time. Because when they say they close at 11, they MEAN they close at 11. Maybe I should camp outside like those crazy people do on Black Friday?
  • And why is it so hard to work with their counterparts in other countries? I send a package of patterns to Canada and I have to fill out some “valuation” form, I can’t track it, and it takes an age.
  • Why do they leave packages on my porch when it’s raining?! I’d rather try my hand at picking it up from the office to collect it than hope that whatever I ordered is safely waterproofed inside a melting cardboard box…
  • And lest you think I’m just mad at the USPS, I have similar issues–especially re: rainy days with FedEx and UPS. 😡

Gah! Get it together postal service!

2 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Gah! Someone (I think it was a courier service actually) left a parcel outside our side door the other day… it was for the neighbors. 🤣 WTF? Our post is pretty good at only leaving packages that fit in the mailbox, at least, although having to stop downtown and find parking to pick up the packages later can be a pain.


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