I’m the nailing Queen!

Back when I was a seventh-grader, my school split my (already small) class in half and put us into two different classes. One had (very basic) sewing for the first semester (*snore* because I’d already known more than what was taught) and woodworking the second, and the other half of the class was the opposite. I got stuck in the sewing-then-woodworking group, and unfortunately, my parents decided that after the first semester it was a “brilliant” idea to move so my sister and I had to change schools. This absolutely sucked, because I missed out on woodworking class.

Turns out, I’m pretty freakin’ good at woodworking. And? I like it. So, for my first woodworking project, we are making our kiddo this awesome bed. I even have some of the typical crappy photos that I take for your visual non-enjoyment!

The headboard:

Miscellaneous pictures of the bed as we worked on it:

We still have the legs and some trim pieces to put on before we paint it (we’d like it to be a dark gunmetal grey–can you get a decent selection of metallic paint colors for wood???) and then move it into the bedroom before putting the headboard on. 🙂 It’s far from perfect (we need a planer!!), but for a first project, we’re thrilled at how it’s turning out.

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below!

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