Plea for help from my darling readers!

Do any of you know of a simple sewing pattern for making slim boy’s trousers? Something that doesn’t look “homemade”, but that doesn’t have so many details they take ages to make? He’s got a 21″ waist and a 22″ inseam. I’d like them a little longer, but I think I can fix that easy enough–though I’ve had some trouble with distortion on his PJ pants when I try to add more than about 4″. If anyone knows why I get distortion, I’d be tickled to know how to fix it. I’d also like the back to be elastic for more comfort and *fingers crossed* a bit longer wear in case he finally decides to get a bit thicker…ha!

Anyway, I found a pattern from MakeItPerfect called High Flyers that are similar to what I have in mind, but don’t know where to buy them here or if there is a better option out there. So if any of you have pattern suggestions (or even RTW suggestions that won’t break the bank!) I’d be more than thrilled to hear them. I know I’m not the only one with a scrawny (but adorable!) boy!

And in case it helps, for those who are still in the age group to buy jeans in the adjustable waist category, I can say that the ones by Levi (style 549) in the slim fit worked pretty well for us, even if they were just a smidge short most of the time for a kid of average height. (They aren’t cheap though, so definitely hit the the sales.) Sadly, my son has outgrown the elastic waistband size range, so I’m out of luck there.

10 thoughts on “Plea for help from my darling readers!

    • Good point, I actually even have the Jalie men’s trousers that I’ve made for my husband and didn’t even think about for the little guy. I might have to give that a try!


    • Thanks! I’ve looked at the women’s version before, but never thought to check out their kid’s patterns. Will check that out to see if there’s something like I have in mind. 🙂


  1. I think I remember reading somewhere (??) that denim/twill can easily go off grain when cutting out, and that can cause the twisting. Cutting out single layer and being diligent/anal about cutting on grain should stop the twist.


    • I hadn’t heard that, but it very well could be part of my problem. Sera pointed out too about extending and putting the knee in the wrong place, which since my pattern pieces never seem to look quite right in the end, I could see how that could be part of it too.


  2. I can’t help with kids clothing but one issue with extending pants could be where the knee is. Just adding to the bottom could mean that if there is shaping for the thigh to knee (which I would expect in slim cut pants) it’s not in the right spot.


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