Make do and mend

So many of us say you can’t save money sewing, but sometimes the combination of good quality materials and workmanship that sewing your own clothes provides pays off, like when I can put new elastic in the waistband of these pants for a second child to wear. Amazingly, they still look pretty much as good on the outside as they did way back then (though the lining has faded with many washes and wears!), and I have 3 pairs of lined winter pants for these extreme temps (it was -7*F this morning!) for less than $3 and 10 minutes worth of unpicking. Supplex is the bomb, and if I ever find the stuff again, I’m buying the whole stock! 😉

Update on the Tetris quilt: Progress has been made! I’m finished with piecing on 15 of 26 rows. Since I seriously injured my tailbone (possibly broken, but no x-ray to know for sure) in a fall down some stairs a couple of weeks ago, sitting in my sewing chair has been painful so I try to keep it to a minimum. I’m on the mend though, so I can hopefully get everything finished on schedule, even if it means a few late nights toward the end. Anyway, the quilt is crazy bright, but also kind of gorgeous if I don’t say so myself.


But then again, it might be the kind of quilt that only the maker (and hopefully it’s recipient!) could love… 😉


6 thoughts on “Make do and mend

  1. I just love the quilt and having pieced a creeper for a minecraft mad child a few years back I quite get you. But I can’t help thinking tha maybe you should put some black squares in. Otherwise, won’t all your hard work just…..disappear? 🙂


    • Do you mean like a black outline grid? Or like black squares for the “blank” spots? I asked at the quilt store out what to do to make the squares stand out more when I had some “pieces” of the same color touching, but the gal I talked to said that it would be a lot of work, if not downright impossible. I could quilt it with black thread, but I think I’m just going to quilt on the horizontal lines and call it good enough. The blank spots are actually grey, which is the same color I’ll be using for the border, if that’s what you mean.


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