Back Door Part 1

We’ve installed our back door! We worked really hard on it today, and got it in, installed the hardware, cut/stained the interior trim, and caulked the bottom side of the door before dark. Tomorrow I’ll have to clear coat the interior trim and pick up some more brick moulding (we were about 1″ too short) then we’ll be able to tack those up and be done with it. *sigh* I’m so glad to have that project off the table (and out of the garage!) πŸ™‚

Only real disappointment today was that the trim color isn’t exactly what I had hoped…it’s sadly more blue than teal, and it doesn’t quite go with the doors. So I guess tomorrow when I’m picking up the brick moulding, I’ll have to be sure to stop in and see about re-tinting my paint, or replacing it entirely. 😦 However, I’m so pleased with the appearance of my beautiful new back door that the paint thing isn’t really getting me down too much. And I’m also thrilled that the color choice for the interior of the back door is perfect–it’s EXACTLY what I had in mind. πŸ™‚

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